The Discover Pass

Every now and then, it is nice to park the RV for a few days, weeks, or maybe even months while on the road. It gives the family time to see local spots you might miss when traveling between states. For these adventures, consider purchasing a Washington Discover Pass.

The State of Washington requires a Discover Pass to be hung in the front windshield of your vehicle while exploring the many state parks and recreation lands.

At the time this post was shared, the cost was $35 to explore the numerous state parks and recreation areas Washington has to offer. The Discover Pass is transferrable between two vehicles. That comes in handy when you are towing your car along on your RV trip with you, the RV can be left to settle into your campground or RV park. Grab the pass and hop in the car instead!

Be sure to remember to take the Discover Pass out of your RV and hang it in your car windshield! You will not need it for overnight stays in designated RV campground spaces. It is required for day use parking while wandering around trails and points of interest, though. You never know when you might need the pass outside of Washington.

Did you know the Washington Discover Pass is honored in Oregon too? That’s right, your pass can be used in all U.S. Forest Service operated recreation sites where a day-use fee is required.

Pick up an annual pass to continuously visit year-round. Pick up a one-day pass if you prefer to enjoy the scenery, as you drive by, from the comfort of your RV. This option is great if you do not usually venture off without your RV. An annual pass may not be needed for one or two visits per year.

The details surrounding where and how to purchase a Discover Pass can be found on the WA.Gov website. Follow this web-link to visit the State of Washington Discover Pass website purchase page:

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